July, 2020

Link Building Tips

A link is connection between one point to another.  When looking on the Internet, the concept of link building plays a major role.  The big question is, how do companies such as Digital Current create links online to websites?  The answer is through the power of seo phoenix az.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating relevant content online and linking it to additional relevant content.  This linking process will create what is known as a content web or link circle.  The trick is to ensure that there are no breaks in the chain and the content that is generated is relevant, fresh and actionable.

Articles and blogs

The first place you want to start is by creating articles and blogs.  These re simple text documents like this one that will walk you through a specific topic or nugget of information.  These pieces of content are designed to focus on a specific idea and not give all of the knowledge in our heads for the world to see.  When writing a blog you want to limit yourself to between three hundred and a thousand words.  Anything more will be overkill and anything less isn’t really developing the content.


The next thing that you want to do is create videos.  Record yourself reading the blog post or even just talking about the subject in general.  You want to then post these videos online and within your text content.  This will have the effect of giving your readers a multimedia experience that builds trust and authority.

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You want to focus on keywords.  These are trigger words that get you known.  For example if you are looking to get a higher ranking on your website you may want to focus on SEO as your keyword.

When we put articles, blogs and videos on high ranking sites or sites that people visit, then they are more likely to be viewed.  This in combination of your offers and relevancy will determine your success with the power of SEO.