August, 2020

Cosmetic Dentistry Services Improve Your Smile

If you’re unhappy with your smile, visit a cosmetic dentist. He is the dentist who focuses on the appearance of a person’s mouth rather than its health. That job is bestowed upon the general dentist and others. A cosmetic dentist can hide imperfections, improve discoloration and more. Some of the most common cosmetic dentistry los angeles services available include:

·    Teeth Whitening: Teeth become discolored as result of age, genetics, the foods that we eat, and even improper dental care. Most people find tooth discoloration an embarrassing problem. Luckily, the dentist has a solution. Whitening services removes the stains and discolorations that cause concern.

·    Dental Bonding: Dental bonding corrects minor tooth imperfections by bonding a sealant over the problematic area. This is a long-term solution for issues such as cracked and chipped teeth.

·    Veneers: A long-lasting solution to imperfections such as chips and cracks, veneers are placed on the front of the teeth where there is damage that the patient wants to hide. Along with keeping imperfections hidden, veneers prevent further damage to sensitive teeth.

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·    Dental Implants: A great alternative to dentures, implants are surgically placed into the jaw and do not come out of the mouth. They look and feel more like our real teeth and make tasks like eating and speaking easier.

With the services above, anyone can improve their smile after imperfections stand in the way. The great thing is that this list does not include all of the cosmetic dentistry services available to improve your smile. No matter what type of dental issue bothers you, cosmetic dentists have a solution! Schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist if you are ready to improve your smile and love the person you see looking back at you in the mirror.